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David Herlihy, author of ‘The Lost Cyclist’ will join book club meeting on the 14th December in Fitzrovia

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 14th December 2011, from 8.00pm in the function room at the ‘King and Queen’ pub in Fitzrovia. (1 Foley Street, W1P7LE) The title we are reading is ‘The Lost Cyclist’ by David Herlihy. P.S.: We are … Continue reading

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An exclusive interview with David Herlihy – Author of ‘The Lost Cyclist’

Hi David – Your book (“The Lost Cyclist”) is full of historic details, and clearly you must have spent a long time researching old magazines and books. What were your main sources? And did you manage to track down any remote family members … Continue reading

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A beauty of a safety bicycle …

This would surely do for an interesting ride around town. Note the front wheel, being bigger than the rear wheel, and also the unusual shape of the frame. This example is a Rover Safety Bicycle, originating from the year 1887. … Continue reading

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David Herlihy speaking about his book ‘The Lost Cyclist’

Here a little teaser for David Herlihy’s book ‘The Lost Cyclist’. Herlihy appeared at the Californian book shop Warwicks in August 2010 to give a presentation with interesting commentary on his most recent title. Herlihy has not only written the … Continue reading

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Winter reading … ‘The Lost Cyclist’ by David Herlihy

The next pick is David Herlihy’s book ‘The Lost Cyclist – The untold story of Frank Lenz’s ill-fated around-the-world journey. More than 120 years ago (!), in 1892, American Frank Lenz was perhaps one of the first men to take … Continue reading

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