Dunwich Dynamo vs. the Tour De France

Is the ‘Dunwich Dynamo’ Hackney’s answer to the Tour de France?

Well, yes and no.

1. The distance. At 110 miles, the DD is more or less the average length of one stage of the Tour de France. More cycling than most of us usually do on one day, even if we cycle out of London, heading to Cambridge or Brighton.

2. The moonlight. Starting in the evening, some would say the ride is a bit like a dream. 40 miles in, with not much else than moonlight to shine the way, there comes a trance-like state, where your legs simply pedal and your brain follows without questioning.

3. The press. More often than not, there is a distinct absence of any media at the Dunwich Dynamo. Punctures happen in silence, get fixed in the dark and stay un-recorded.

4. The doping. Doping rules at the Dunwich Dynamo have always been lax, in fact, they may have been buried somewhere on London Fields. Quite commonly, riders will start after a pint or two, and finish the next morning with a big English Breakfast at Dunwich beach.

5. The beach. This is where it ends. And starts. Your life after the Dunwich Dynamo, that is. Dunwich Beach, is it possibly the Champs-Élysées of the Hackney cyclist? And how, after a swim in the north sea, do we get back to London from here?

This year’s ride starts on the 16th July at 8-9pm from London Fields, Hackney. The event is semi-organised and free to turn up & go. More information on the sites by the Southwark Cyclists and the London School of Cycling.

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