First meeting – Wednesday 12th January, Fitzroy Tavern

Please make a note in your calendar: We are meeting for the first time on Wednesday the 12th of January.

Where: Fitzroy Tavern, 16 Charlotte Street, W1T 2LY

When: 7pm, Wednesday 12th January

Homework? No – no preparation needed. Just turn up, maybe bring a book about cycling along, and we take it from there. I will have a few books with me as well, and we can have a look which title we all want to read for the second meeting.

Feel free to start submitting ideas by posting a comment on this site.

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7 Responses to First meeting – Wednesday 12th January, Fitzroy Tavern

  1. john says:

    love this idea but I am 53 a young 53 though and love cycling would I be to old to come cheers john

  2. Linus Rees says:

    This is a great event that could rival the annual cyclist film show in the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith organised by my good friend Bob Davis.

    I’m very much looking forward to this event at the Fitzroy Tavern. I’d like to do a preview of this event in Fitzrovia News. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible

    Linus Rees
    assistant editor Fitzrovia News (and cyclist)

  3. Tim Dawson says:

    This is a great idea. Sadly, I am 99% certain that I can’t make the date, but I would love to attend a future one. Do keep me informed.



  4. Stephen Taylor says:

    This is sounds a great idea – combining two of my loves. I am afraid I not free on Wednesday night but hopefully can join in here and at future meetings?
    Best of luck

  5. Rebecca Olds-Bartlett says:

    Unfortunately, the 12th is the same night as Southwark Cyclists’ monthly meeting (2nd Wednesdays) so I can’t make it. I would love to come to the next one though so please keep me posted.

    (currently reading Josie Dew’s “A Long Cloud Ride: A Cycling Adventure Across New Zealand “).

  6. Katy Beale says:

    Hello. Sorry to miss it last night, if you post up the chosen book asap I’ll get my mitts on a copy and read in time for the next meetup.

    My sister suggested a couple of things: Tim Krabbe and Robert Tressell’s Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (mean anything to you?!)

    And for those of you who didn’t see it, the Fitzroy News blog has a lovely post with various suggestions on it:

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